We were looking to produce the most functional design of face masks that can be worn multiple times, with a quality that will last a long time. We have assembled a design of the most breathable and yet protective materials, which ensure comfort and ease of wearing, and so we have developed three styles of washable cotton face masks to offer in our webshop:

1. Masks with filter pockets

Two-layer masks that can be worn independently, or with an inserted filter fabric if you will.

2. Masks with filter

Three-layer masks, with a built-in TNT filter as the third inner layer. TNT is thick and light breathable non-woven fabric, which provides greater protection against the entry of particles and germs into respiratory system.

3. Two-layer masks

Simple design of masks made of two layers, with built-in bridge for the nose, adjustable soft ear straps.

All masks are made to order, and the production deadline is 1-3 working days. They are specific and different from others on the market, apart from having a built-in filter, they also have a built-in flexible metal bridge for the nose, which achieves the shape of the mask to adhere to the face, especially grateful for people who wear glasses. The masks have very soft nylon ear bands that are comfortable to wear, and with the help of a stopper, the size of the mask can be easily adjusted to your needs. We have also included a detachable strap / chain around the neck, in addition to the modern detail of the “new normal” allows your mask to always be practically with you.

The masks are made of a material that can be easily washed at temperatures from 30C to 60C without worry of being destroyed.

Studio Tanjas has been placing its fashion handicrafts on the international market for more than 10 years, so we are proud to be able to offer some of our practical and convenient designs to the Croatian market and thus contribute to the healthy self-protection for responsible citizens.

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